How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture

How To Make a Miniature Bench for your Fairy Garden
A Bench in a Fairy Garden

When I am creating my Fairy Gardens and Fairy Wall Art I add some small benches to them. They are easy to make from sticks but it does take time and patience.

Below I give you step by step instructions with lots of photos so you too can make your own Fairy Garden Furniture.  

Sticks Cut and Ready to Make a Garden Bench


Garden Sticks
Wood File
Glue or A Glue Gun
Hole Maker or very small Screwdriver
Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Gloss

Use a Hole Maker to Glue the Sticks

Making the Seat

Decide on the size of the bench. This will depend on where you are adding it to your Fairy Art. I make them at 1 inch, 2 inches and 3 inches depending on where I want to put them.

This one here is 2 inches. Measure out the stick and cut with the secateurs Take the piece of wood you have just cut and place it along the main stick. Mark the next 2 pieces with a pencil and cut these.

Now you have the 3 pieces that will make the seat. Use the wood shaver to level off the edges of each stick. If one of the sticks is larger you can shave it down to size by using this method. They need to be exact otherwise the seat will not look good.

Cut a small piece of wood that is to go on top of this seat to seal it together. It will be the length of the 3 pieces of wood going the opposite way. Look at the photo below to see what I mean. 

Glue the Seat Together

Now take it and cut it in half with the  secateurs . Place these on top of the seat to see if they cove all three sticks of the seat. I prefer to place them diagonally because it gives a better hold.

How To Glue the Sticks Safely

I have used All Purpose Glue for the earlier furniture I made. But it takes too long to dry in between stages. I bought myself a Glue Gun and now use that. This is great for anyone who makes a lot of crafts. It must be used properly otherwise it can be very dangerous. I burnt myself very badly once and also had many other burns. I am now very careful and include my tips for using the glue gun safely here.

  • Have your screwdriver or hole maker ready.
  • Add a little glue to the sticks in the correct position.
  • Quickly place the piece of wood on top of the glue.
  • Use the screwdriver to press down on the piece of wood and hold for about 10 seconds.
  • Do the same for the other piece.
  • Do not be tempted to put the glue onto the small piece of wood.

You have to pick this up and you are bound to get some of the hot glue on your fingers. This is how I got my worst burn. The glue stuck to my finger and burnt right through my skin. So please be careful.

Glue the Front Legs to the Seat

The Front Legs of the Bench

Cut two pieces of the sticks the exact same size. The ones for the 2 inch bench are about ¾ of an inch.
Add the glue to the far right hand corner of the seat and then place the leg on top.
Hold for ten seconds.
Do the same for the other leg on the left.

Put the seat aside.

Making the Back Rest

The Back Legs and Back of the Bench

Place your two largest sticks apart on your work top.
Put the glue on the edge of the smaller stick.
Place on the very top of the first larger stick
Hold for ten seconds
Take the second smaller stick and glue to the larger one. Leave a gap between them.
Glue the two edges of the smallest sticks and press the larger stick to the glue.
Hold for ten seconds.  

Making a Miniature Bench

Attaching the Back of the Bench to the Seat

Place the glue on the seat where it will attach to the back.
This needs to be put in position very carefully. You must make sure that the ends of the sticks which are in fact the two back legs are at the same size of the two front legs.

Hold together for ten seconds
Miniature Bench for Fairy Furniture

Making the Arm Rests

Take one of the smallest sticks and glue to the front right of the seat.
Hold for ten seconds
Do the same on the left of the seat
Measure a stick from the back of the back rest to the small support stick.
Cut this stick in half length wide. This will give you a flat surface on each stick.
Place the glue on top of the support stick and on the edge nearest to the back of the flat stick.
Put in position carefully and hold for ten seconds  

Painting the Bench

Painting The Bench

I like to paint the benches with acrylic paint. It is easier to start the painting at the back and under side of the bench. Take care with the legs as it is too easy to miss some of the sides.
Paint in whatever colour you want.
Leave to dry completely.
Paint with a second coat.
Leave to dry completely.
Paint with acrylic gloss to finish off.
This makes the bench look better and also protects the bench if you are planning to add it outside to Fairy Gardens.

Miniature Benches for Fairy Furniture

Miniature Bench for Fairy Art

Miniature Bench for a Fairy Garden

How To Make a Miniature Bench for a Fairy Garden

Miniature Bench on a Fairy Garden

A Bench for a Fairy Garden

Miniature Bench outside a Fairy Door

 Bench beside a Fairy Door


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