Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fairy Doors Wall Art

Fairy Doors - Fairy Gardens - Fairy Wall Art

This Blog is a showcase for my Fairy Art.  There are photos of each item I have made under the Page headings to your right.

Fairy Garden

Selling my Fairy Art

I make these and sell them.  I only advertise them online in my local area here in Ireland because I sell them quicker than I can make them.  They are easy enough to make but they do take a lot of time and in some cases patience.

Fairy House Wall Art

Fairy Door and Garden Tutorials

This is a new blog and over the next few weeks I will be posting my Tutorials with step by step instructions and photos on How To Make Fairy Door Wall Art and the Fairy Gardens.
You will see from the photos on the Pages to your right that there are many items that are hand made.  I will show you how to make all of them.  Some of the items are - Fairy doors, Fairy houses, Toadstools, Ladybugs, Wooden benches, chairs and tables.   

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Fairy Door