How To Make Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors for the Garden

Fairy Door 

I made some fairy doors that look very nice in the garden. They can be hung on the wall or placed amongst the flowers.

When I have written an article about how to make this fairy door and the others in these photos I will leave the link below.

Red Fairy Door

Blue Fairy Door in the Garden

Fairy Door Wall Art 

Fairy Door  -  No 1

Fairy Door  -  No 2

These are the first fairy doors I have made. No 1 contains a fairy door, toadstool, old language Irish fairy sign, fairy door sign, wooden stool and bench.  Once I have written articles detailing how I made all of these on this blog I will leave links here 

Tooth Fairy Door  -  No 1

Tooth Fairy Door  -  No 2

Tooth Fairy Door Wall Art 

Here are the other Fairy Door Wall Art I made.  These were for the Tooth Fairy.  There is a small holder where the child can leave their teeth.  In the morning the tooth will be gone and the Tooth Fairy will have left some money in its place.

Click the link below to go directly to the tutorial for making a basic Fairy Door

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